At Honeymoon Meadery, we produce hand-crafted honey wines on site in a variety of different recipes. Every batch begins with the fermentation of honey and water, with additions such as fruits or spices further enhancing the chosen variety of honey.

Although mead can be produced in a range of styles, the majority of our product is styled after white wine – it is light, clean, and refreshing. We produce mead in a range of sweetness levels, from completely dry through to the dessert level.

Traditional MeadsMead made with only honey, water and yeast. No additional ingredients, may or may not be aged in oak.  Try our Okanagan Delight or Oak & Honey Rapture.

MetheglinsMead with the addition of spices.  Try our Acacia Ambrosia

MelomelsMead produced from fruit and honey. Try our Blueberry Bliss, Apricot Elixir, Blackberry Twist or Blushing Cherry

Cysers – Mead produced from apples and honey. Try our Apple Pie Cyser (coming in 2017)

Dessert MeadsA higher level of residual sugar is achieved by back-sweetening with honey. Try our Raspberry Romance (coming in 2017)

We invite you to visit our SHOP ONLINE page for a current list of our Meads, or visit us in person and taste for yourself- tastings are complimentary and available 7 days a week.