A pleasant alcoholic beverage made from fermented honey & water.


Mead can be finished with a range of sweetness levels, anywhere from completely dry with no residual sugar, up to a dessert level. Honeymoon Meadery offers the full range of sweetness levels in our selection of hand-crafted meads.


Fermented honey and water provide the base ingredients for all mead. Unique Mead flavors are achieved using special floral varieties of honey, the addition of spices and/or fruit juice, and in some cases through contact with oak. [Note: trace amounts of Sulphites are added]


Mead can vary anywhere between 7 & 20% alcohol. Honeymoon Mead normally ranges between 11% – 14% alc./vol.


Meads may be served cold, lightly chilled, or warmed up, depending on the specific characteristics. As a general rule, all mead can be served with a slight chill.


Yes, our meads are all gluten-free, but those who cannot consume Gluten should avoid ‘braggots’ which are Meads made with Malt.